I experimented with gradle as I found some good sample projects that only used it. So I tried to create my own gradle.

It was pretty straight forward, adding my own repository was very simple:

buildscript {
    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

worked great, perfect integration with a maven repository.

Next, I tried dependencies:


Not so much luck. for some reason it looks at the wrong version.

Could not find
  Searched in the following locations:

In the above case, -16.jar doesn’t exist. I think 16 is in the first metadata xml file, but not anywhere else.

So this is a dealbreaker. No snapshot dependencies and I can’t compile.

Jul 29, 2015 Link

mama's book

My mom has been working on a book for many years, and finally found the opportunity to write one for a major Japanese publisher.

It’s now available on amazon here:

Sorry to non-Japanese readers, it’s only in her native language. It’s also why I am having some trouble finishing it.

I do know however that it is the story about a young Japanese woman who was arranged to be married and just a few days later left to live together in a foreign land. It is quite a unique experience, especially considering the time when moving across the world was rare.

Jul 1, 2015 Link

reason one

Losing your wallet is a fairly stressful experience. I had lost my wallet for some reason, perhaps dropped it when leaving a taxi with a lot of luggage to worry about. I didn’t realize until sunday when I was supposed to meet some friends for pizza. Unfortunately the moment I noticed my wallet pocket was empty, panic mode set in. It can be an eye-opening experience, being put in such a vulnerable position. I had to cancel going to lunch (without any money to pay for it) and was ripping my apartment to shreds looking for it. It wasn’t until monday when my bank called saying the police contacted them using my bank card. A huge relief! I didn’t expect to have any cash left inside, but just getting it back was a comfort.

This morning I went to the police station. Showed them my ID and they pulled out my wallet complete with all of my cash. Unbelievable. The person who handed in the item did not register any information about themselves, so there was no way for me to express my gratitude.

It is a common thing to happen in Japan, and yet unimaginable in the US. Another experience I had that has convinced me stay in this country for as long as possible.

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The moment I started to read about how github pages work and then how it is using jekyll to host the pages, my mind literally exploded. Dictionaries are funny.

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